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Dr Christina Clarke works with other Therapists who are familiar with Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients, or who are looking to enhance and develop skills and knowledge in this area.  See below for current therapists available at Christina's office in Aspley.

About Christina/Other Therapists: Team Members
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Clinical Psychologist

BSc (Hons); DipPsych, MPhil, DClinPsy

I am a UK trained Clinical Psychologist and board approved supervisor who has worked in clinical, research, teaching and consultancy/supervisory roles since 1998 - gaining my Doctorate qualification in 2005.   I provide therapeutic services to children, young people and families and supervision to psychology registrars and qualified professionals across disciplines looking to upskill, reflect on or improve their practice.   I regularly provide teaching and training to various groups and have been working in Australia (Brisbane’s Northside) since 2016.

I am passionate about supporting clients who are D/deaf or hard of hearing.  Although I am hearing, I consider myself very Deaf aware, with a good understanding of how those with a hearing loss are affected by society's responses to their deafness and how this in turn can negatively impact developmental and emotional well being.

I currently hold a Cert 4 in Auslan and am continuing to learn, know British Sign Language to a conversational level, and am familiar with Deaf culture.  I use professional interpreters with clients whose first language is Auslan or who prefer signing to spoken word, and work with families of all d/Deaf backgrounds, whether the presenting difficulty is related to their deafness or not. 

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